How to Create a Social Media Strategy

Want to know how to build a social media marketing
strategy in 2021 (without overthinking it?)

Have you ever looked at your favorite Instagram account and thought to yourself, ‘how do they get so many likes, comments and followers?’ Is there a magic formula they’re following?

Here's the secret:

The more intentional you are with your posting, the better your results! 

​​​​​​​In this session, Plann's Social Media & Community Manager, Greta Rose, will walk you through how to use Plann's Strategy Tool to create an easy-to-follow strategy to nail your social media.

It’s all about understanding your audience and creating consistent, value-driven content. Sounds complicated? Not at all! 

Greta will be joined by special guest, Rhonda Evans (it's a par-tay!)

Plann'r and systems whiz Rhonda Evans from RDE Consulting will also join live and demo how she uses Plann's strategy tool to plan out content for her consulting business. She's grown her business
x 10 in the last year through socials, so you'll want to pay attention!

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