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Tax return in Portugal for 2023 - how to file? what changed? 

Join our informative webinar designed to guide you through filing the 2023 taxes and covering the significant changes to capital gains taxation and the introduction to Crypto tax. 

At FRESH PORTUGAL, we file more tax returns for expats than any other firm. We represent thousands of clients and support them with their tax needs. 

Our expert tax lawyers Rebecca Castro & Pedro Abreu will explain the tax filing process and the changes from 2022.

We will specifically cover: 

1. How to report your different streams of income for 2023?
2. What are the changes for capital gains?
3. What are the changes for crypto taxation? 
4. If I also need to file in another country (including in the US), where should I file first?
5. Who should file their own taxes?

These and many other questions will be covered in this discussion which will bring together some of our best experts. 

January 22, 2024 4:00 PM Portugal Time

Webinar Presenters

  • Zeev Fisher

    Host + Tax Lawyer (UK, international)

  • Pedro Abreu

    Tax Lawyer (Portugal)

  • Rebecca Castro

    Tax Lawyer (Portugal)

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