Ensuring your System’s Security by Protecting your PUF

Since PUFs are based on the unique physical characteristics of a semiconductor device, it is significantly more difficult for an adversary to recreate a digital ID or key derived from them. However, that does not mean systems with a PUF require no further security measures to protect these IDs and keys after they have been derived. It is fundamental to understand any potential design weakness of the system that uses a PUF, to safeguard that the IDs and keys are used in a secure way.

​​​​​​​In this PUF Cafe Episode, Jason Oberg, CTO and Co-founder of Cycuity, will discuss some of the common PUF use cases and some of the implementation mistakes that should be avoided when building systems around them. He will also share how using techniques based on information flow can be extremely effective at identifying weaknesses early in the design process to prevent vulnerabilities.

  • Jason Oberg


  • Vincent van der Leest


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