Fashion Revolution Week 2021

Viewing Party : The Clothes We Wear

About the Screening

We live in an age of hyper-consumption, and nowhere is this more obvious than the fashion industry. ‘Fast fashion’ is the buzzword these days. Driven by glossy advertising campaigns, many consumers are constantly buying new clothes.

New collections are arriving on the market at an ever increasing rate - many of them at rock-bottom prices. And if you believe the information campaigns run by some of the textile giants, consumers can now buy with a clear conscience. It’s become trendy for clothing labels to tout their green credentials, advertising eco-friendly labels allegedly made according to strict environmental standards.

But is it all genuine? Two reporters go undercover to find out what’s really happening in the textile factories where many clothes destined for the European market are made. They discover the extent of the environmental devastation caused by the industry and how companies are making a profit from the fact that sustainability sells.

This documentary has been specially curated for Fashion Revolution Week 2021. Join us as we discuss important points while watching the documentary together.

In collaboration with Think City Institute's Earth Week 2021

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