Fashion Revolution Week 2021

How Can #SupportLocal Shape a Fair and Responsible Fashion Future

About the Webinar

In an increasingly opaque and globalised fashion supply chain, we discuss: 

  • How local conscious brands can increase representation of our culture and help shift to a more equitable fashion industry

  • How localising and shortening supply chains can increase transparency and allow greater control over the welfare of its workers

  • The benefits and challenges to local production

  • How supporting local contributes reverse commercialism and helps reduce the fashion industry’s contribution to climate change

This panel is held in collaboration with Think City Institute’s Earth Week campaign
  • Think City Institute

    Webinar Host

  • Datin TS. Dr. Norsaadah Zakaria, Malaysian Official Designers’ Association (MODA)


  • Ms Hasziah Mat Yazid @ Mohd Yazid, Senior Manager of Lifestyle & Life Science, MATRADE


  • Catriona Maddocks, Co-Founder of Catama


  • Sasibai Kimis, Founder of Earth Heir


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