Fashion Revolution Week 2021

Batik - Thriving or Merely Surviving?

About the Webinar

Batik is an iconic part of our culture - but is its preservation mainly for tourists or our national pride?

It matters for us to know how, where, who makes the clothing we buy; in this session we discuss the environmental issues surrounding batik making in Malaysia and challenges faced by those working in the sector. 

Will batik technique fade away with the accelerated pace of fashion seeing more of the market move into printing ?

This panel is held in collaboration with Think City Institute's Earth Week campaign

  • Think City Institute

    Webinar Host

  • Amy Blair, Founder of The Batik Boutique


  • Maryam Shamsuddin, Managing Director of Cotton and Sago


  • Fern Chua, Founder and Creative Director of FERN


  • Nik Faiz Nik M Amin, President of Malaysian Craft Council & Founder of Gahara


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