Fashion Revolution Week 2021

Is Sustainable Fashion More Resilient?

About the Webinar

Is the fast fashion industry facing an existential crisis? 

The pandemic has highlighted recurring issues in the fashion industry to a greater degree; with cancelled orders, supply chain disruptions, and unsafe working conditions making headlines.

With the rising trend of consciousness among consumers and a waning appetite for fast fashion, we explore how ethical brands are weathering the pandemic, and the learnings we can takeaway to inform how we move forward from here and apply it towards the inevitable and more devastating impact that climate change will bring to the industry

This panel is held in collaboration with Think City Institute’s Earth Week campaign

  • Think City Institute

    Webinar Host

  • Wong Xiao Cheng, Founding Partner and CEO of Earth Heir


  • Najmia Zulkarnain, Co-Founder of UNPLUG


  • Jacqueline Fong, Founder of Tanoti


  • Ambika Sangaran, CEO of Biji Biji Ethical Fashion


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