​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Selling Experiences: The New Way
​​​​​​​to a Customer's Heart

Do you want to see a 10-15% lift in your sales revenue?

Better sales results start with enriching your customer experience. 64% of buyers today say experience is more important than price when making a purchase.
Now think about your customer’s experience. Not only what happens after the sale, but everything beforehand. Is it helping or hurting sales? How many more opportunities could you win with better experience? Do you know?
Customer experience is so much more than you consider. That’s what causes you to lose sales before you even realize it. After this webinar, you’ll have a complete roadmap for creating a customer experience that produces greater sales results.

  • Kendra Lee

    Prospect Attraction Authority, Author, and President, KLA Group

  • Gord Smith

    Partner and Co-Founder, ALTA Consulting

  • Defining customer experience for sales growth

    The relationship between experience and sales that helps – or hurts – results

  • 5 dimensions of a winning customer experience

    Delivering high-impact, money-making experiences requires all 5

  • How experience creates differentiation

    Avoid the parity trap. Give your customers a reason to remember your name – and buy again and again

  • Create an emotional journey your customer CRAVES

    Buyer’s buy with their hearts then justify with their minds – how to create an experience that delights both your buyer and your pipeline

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