Advanced Methylation for Clinicians

Are you a Clinician using MTHFR genetic testing and methylfolate supplementation for the main treatment you do to address methylation issues? If so, you may be missing big components as to why someone has methylation issues, the most up to date labs to order and the most effective treatment options. Join Dr. Mueller for this free informational webinar exclusively for clinicians!

  • Dr. Diane Mueller

    Webinar Host

  • Lab Testing

    Learn about the lab testing that is most important for evaluation of methylation problems. Learn why MTHFR testing is not very valuable.

  • Genetic SNPs

    Learn about genetic polymorphisms beyond MTHFR that are important to consider in methylation pathways

  • Treatment

    Learn researched based treatment strategies that are more effective than just supplementing methylfolate or methylcobalamin.

  • Additional Training

    Learn about additional training offerings for those who want to take their knowledge of functional medicine to the next level.

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