Discover The 3 Proven Secrets 
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    One meeting with the decision maker at your dream client could totally change everything for your business, & your family. In this free webinar you'll discover the 3 proven secrets that will show you how to do exactly that.

  • No theory, no fluff, just the proven secrets responsible for $67million+ in revenue.

    This is NOT another 'fad' from a self-professed 'guru'. These are the practical strategies that have been road-tested over the last 30+ years by Ian & the businesses he's worked with. You'll come away from this webinar and be able to immediatley action what you've learnt, and start reaping the rewards. 

  • We''ll show you how to safeguard your business over the next few months.

    2020 has been a tough year, and the businesses that will not only survive, but THRIVE over the next few months are the ones that understand & implement these 3 secrets diligently, and intelligently.

  • Will you be the next success story?
    The last business owners to implement these 3 secrets were:

    Eli S. - Jewellery company based in New York, used the secrets to get into Sears, Macy's, and QVC all in a matter of weeks!

    Raj B.  - Soft furnishing company based in New York, leveraged the secrets to access the impenterable senior buying execs at Walmart USA, now stocked in all their US stores.

    Fakrul K. - Bangladesh based  clothing company, this time used the 3 secrets to get into Walmart in Canada, and in turn secured a national contract to be supplied across all their stores.

    The secrets have been tested all across the globe...

    Tony U. - owner of a small electrical business in the UK, used the secrets to get into Wilko Head Office & won a game-changing contract to service their stores.
    Nigel B. - a UK serial entreprenuer used the secrets and within a week had meetings with the Heads of Business at Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, and RBS/Natwest.

    And many, many more...

  • Ian L George

    Managing Director of The Effective Communication Group, George Wicks Ltd, and your friendly Webinar Host

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