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Going Ape S#!t 
Lead with Power

Taking communication and interpersonal connection to the next level. Nudging and designing environmental decision architecture.

In the previous webinars we  have learned about your thrive mindset and your Ape threat state. In this event we turn our focus to the external environment, and how changing things in our physical world can make a big difference to our judgements and behaviours.
Our attitudes, perception and behaviours are much more influenced by our physical environment, and our experience, than we think. By carefully designing the physical world around us, our decision architecture, we can positively influence individual and group behaviours and mindsets.
During this thought provoking and highly practical  90 minute session, Psychologist and Behavioural Economist Phil Slade and Decida co-founder Roshelle Weir, will walk us through the basic concept of nudges and the difference between effective and ineffective nudging, and then look at some more advanced decision architecture techniques to help you lead yourself, and others, with power.

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