​​​​Get More Visible Using Video

About The Webinar

93% of people make a sale through a video on social media!
If you know its time for you to have a video strategy and get visible to attract new opportunities and new customers but you just don't know where to start, this webinar is for you.  You will learn:

  • How to build visibility by leveraging your knowledge, position yourself as the expert you know you are.

  • How to attract new opportunities through your content, by knowing your objective, you will discover hoe to plan the right content to get resuts.

  • How to get started with videos, there are many types of video out there, learn my top tips on which types are the right ones for you to start with.

  • How to plan your content , through my unique S.H.O.W. framework learn how to plan your content efficiently so that you have a clear and simple video plan you can consistently implement.

  • Reim El Houni - Your Content Creation Coach & Webinar Host

    Reims career includes working with TV stations like the BBC to being an Executive Producer and Head of Events at Dubai One. Reim launched her own production company Ti22 Films 10 years ago. Ti22 Films has won 25 New York Festival Awards & a Cannes Corporate Media and TV Award. Reim has served on the Jury of the New York Festival for 7 years and is a speaker, moderator and panelist. Reim founded dubai ON demand in 2014, where the world of branded content and influencer marketing collide, which has evolved into a video based personal branding membership community for business owners and thought leaders. She has since launched Fusion Digital Content a brand focussed on content for social media and recently added Dynamite Animations to the group. She also supports organisations as a media consultant and video strategist, developing workshops and training for teams. She is passionate about getting business professionals to embrace their knowledge and get visible!

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