Profiting from Misery: South Africa’s Complicity in War Crimes in Yemen

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It may seem to many people in South Africa that what is happening in war-torn Yemen is a tragedy unfolding far away without any direct connection to us, and with little we can do. This is not true. 

This report reveals that, since the war in Yemen broke out, South African arms companies have cashed in on the sale of weapons to some of the central parties to this conflict who may be guilty of gross human rights violations in Yemen. We reveal how the South African government has bowed to the interests of the arms industry and its profits, and the suffering of Yemenis has been ignored.
In a breaking news live webinar, join Daily Maverick Associate Editor Marianne Thamm, former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, Open Secrets researcher, Michael Marchant, and Yemeni human rights activist, Bonyan Gamal, to uncover the corporations and governments profiting from human rights violations detailed in this new investigative report. 

  • Marianne Thamm has toiled as a journalist / writer / satirist / editor / columnist / author for over 30 years and currently holds the position of Assistant Editor at Daily Maverick, since 2014. She has published widely both locally and internationally. It was journalism that chose her and not the other way around. Marianne would have preferred plumbing or upholstering.

  • Navi Pillay is a South African jurist who spent many years as a lawyer defending anti-apartheid activists. She was also the first black woman judge to be appointed to the High Court of South Africa and has since served on the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the International Criminal Court. From 2008 until 2014 she served as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Currently, Pillay is a Judge ad hoc in the International Court of Justice in the Gambia v Myanmar Genocide violation case, president of the Advisory Council of the Nuremberg Principles Academy, and president of the International Commission against the Death Penalty.

  • Bonyan Gamal ​​​​​​​is a Yemen-based lawyer, who works with Mwatana for Human Rights in the Accountability and Redress team. Mwatana for Human Rights is an independent Yemeni civil society organisation working to ensure accountability for human rights violators and justice for victims of human rights abuse.​​​​​​​

  • Michael Marchant, works as a researcher at Open Secrets, focusing on investigations and advocacy. He is simultaneously completing his LLB at the University of South Africa. Michael holds an MSc in International Development from the University of Edinburgh, as well as a PPE(Hons) from the University of Cape  Town. He was the lead researcher on Apartheid Guns & Money: A Tale of Profit

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