​​​​​​​Black Every Day in Conversation 

Join us for a conversation with muralist AJA Louden, and painter Judy BL Robinson, two artists included in the exhibition Black Every Day with curator Darren W. Jordan, as they discuss the exhibition on display at the Art Gallery of Alberta. This dynamic conversation will give you an in-depth understanding of two artists in the exhibition while exploring the greater themes present in the gallery from the perspective of the curator. 

Black Every Day is an exhibition that marks the 15th anniversary of 5 Artists 1 Love, an organization dedicated to promoting the vibrancy of Edmonton's African Canadian communities through exhibitions, music, spoken word, and performance. This exhibition acknowledges the current movement while illustrating that local Black people have been and will continue to live their lives and produce compelling art every day. 

Read more about the exhibition and the artists here: https://www.youraga.ca/exhibitions/black-every-day

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