The Newsletter Code - Skyrocket Your Practice with Therapy Newsletter

Discover How To Add $40,000 in Annual Revenue For Your Practice Using a Simple, Easy-To-Use Newsletter

What we’ll cover in this event...

Inside this free webinar for Therapy Newsletter clients, private practice master marketing strategist Dr. Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT reveals:
Discover the 3 giant mistakes that are KILLING private practice owners (like YOU!) using outdated newsletter marketing strategies...and how you can PARTNER with local doctors and referral sources to GROW your practice. (Yep, if you can't beat 'em it's best just to join 'em...).

Learn why traditional source of referrals (i.e advertising and word of mouth referrals) have all but dried up, and the "Distribution Trifecta" strategy that will help you add $40,000 in annual revenue for your practice

  • Explore the "3 Types of Content" and why the transition from Clinical Content to Bonding / Authority content is critical for your practice over the next 12 - 18 months.

  • Follow my lead, build a relationship with every patient and referral source to be at the center of the largest wealth transfer that private practice has ever known...

  • Revealed - Why most marketing methods are killing traditional private practice, and why tactics like free evaluations and 'traditional referrals' may be gone forever. (There is a solution to this mess, but you have to watch the webinar to discover what it is...)

  • Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

    Webinar Host

  • Cheryl House

    Webinar Host

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