How to Become Fluent in Portuguese Within 6 months

  • The comprehensive-input method
    Learn this method used all over the world by students and teachers and become fluent in Portuguese much, much faster

  • The counter-intuitive way of learning
    ​​​​​​​This way of learning may sound odd to you, but it will help you learn Portuguese much more effectively

  • The different kinds of students
    Find out which one are you so that you know what you need to do in order to become fluent in Portuguese in the most effortless way

  • The best time to start learning grammar
    It should not be the first and only thing you worry about if you want to become fluent in Portuguese!

  • What NOT to do if you want to achieve fluency in Portuguese
    Learn what NEVER to do (which you have been probably doing up until now) if you want to ever become fluent in Portuguese

  • Mia Esmeriz

    Webinar Host

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