Is Tai Chi the right choice for you?

Welcome to the beginning of our journey towards maximizing your potential for feeling as good as you can mentally, physically and spiritually.  We’re going to use tried and true methods developed and refined for over five centuries through the practice and principals of Tai Chi.

Yes, Tai Chi has been around a long time and the reason it has survived centuries is that the core principles have worked to help practitioners maintain balance, strength, stamina, a feeling of well-being and mental alertness (currently referred to as “mindfulness”) as they grow and age.

We hope you will find our explanations helpful. Our approach isn’t mystical or magical, and doesn’t require special physical or mental talents.  Most importantly you will have all of your questions answered, and you'll find out if Tai Chi is worth pursuing. 

  • Improve your energy, and enjoy longer walking and standing time. Don't feel so fatigued, and keep up with friends and family. 

  • Feel and look younger, with simple to understand and follow routines that help you target and improve your biggest problem areas.

  • Bounce back from injury or illness, with AARP and the CDC praising Tai Chi as the reccomended form of activity for adults over the age of 45.

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    Webinar Host

  • Stephan Berwick

    Webinar Host

  • Master Ren

    Webinar Host

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