The CSE is proud to present TECH TUESDAYS - a new weekly webinar series that highlights technology entrepreneurs and trends. These weekly presentations will offer viewers unique insights into the tech sector by highlighting specific regions and tech clusters. Register below for access to all Tech Tuesdays sessions, including:


Tuesday, August 4th - Public Company Showcase
Featuring: Dr. Rahul Kushwah, Co-Founder and COO of PredictMedix Inc. (CSE:PMED), and Dr. Ahmad Doroudian, CEO and Director of BetterLife Pharma Inc. (CSE:BETR)

Tuesday, August 11th
- Non-Invasive Medical Devices 2.0
Featuring Ronen Gadot, CEO of Elminda Ltd., Joseph Brennan, President and CEO of Innovative Trauma Care Inc., and Andrew J. Holman, CEO and Co-Founder of Inmedix Inc.

 Tuesday, August 18th - FinTech
Tuesday, August 25th - Invasive Medical Devices

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Tuesday July 28th - Gadgets and Software
Featuring: Carlyn Loncaric, CEO of VodaSafe Inc., Simon Whitfield, CEO of Mastergard Enterprises Inc., and Mark Rabin, CEO of Portable Electric Ltd.

July 14th - Transportation Tech
Featuring: Rita Hansen, CEO of Onboard Dynamics Inc., Michael Price, CEO and CSO of RHT RailHaul Technologies Inc., and Rob Tasker, President and CEO of Transrail Innovation Group.

July 21st - Non-Invasive Medical Devices
Featuring: Matt Kesinger, CEO of Forest Devices, Caitlin Cameron, Chair and CEO of OtoNexus Medical Technologies Inc., and Don Chapman, Executive Chairman of Kent Imaging.

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