Join the energy hedge fund specialists as they share their brand-new insights into the oil industry with high expectations for the coming year!

Westbeck Capital is back...

...to discuss another major energy sector in their portfolio – the oil industry!

"Westbeck Energy Opportunity Fund, London-based Westbeck Capital Management’s high-flying flagship fund, soared 84 per cent in the 12-month period to the end of December." Hedgeweek

Now, join Westbeck’s experts Benoit Defforey and Jean-Louis Le Mee as they explain why they have such a bullish take on oil and oil equities.

Why does Westbeck predict a fast oil bounce in 2021?

How will ESG trends and the energy transition influence investing in fossil fuels?

Will oil return to $100+?

Join Benoit and Jean-Louis live on February 4 at 3:30 PM CET and ask all your oil questions – register now!

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Please note: This webinar is only for institutional or professional investors. Only attend if you fall into this category.

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  • Jean-Louis Le Mee

    CEO of Westbeck Capital, CIO of Westbeck Energy Opportunity Fund

  • Benoit Defforey

    Partner, analyst at Westbeck Capital

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