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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How To Use Podcasts To Drive Sales​​​​​​​

Podcast. Reach the Prospects that Convert.

You’re looking for lead generation strategies you can use to attract more qualified, top prospects. One of the most overlooked strategies is podcasting. Whether you host a podcast or are a guest, podcasts give you a forum for connecting with top prospects.
The big questions: how do you get started podcasting AND how do they drive sales? Register now and we’ll share strategies.
  • Kendra Lee

    Prospect Attraction Authority, author, and President, KLA Group

  • Podcasts as a lead generation strategy

    Whether you're one of the guests, the host, or found a relevant podcast, this is effective content for driving sales

  • 2 strategies to target top prospects

    Don't limit yourself to posting links on social media. Use these strategies to reach your top 100 prospects

  • Guesting on a podcast

    There are many opportunities. How to become a guest to highlight your authority

  • When it's right to start a podcast

    From budget to frequency to what type of podcast to start, know when you're ready for your own

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