A plan for the digital transformation of your company

Effective Digital Transformation

Apply the theory of the online lecture in your own practice and discover WHAT your organization needs to do to take the next step towards digital maturity. You can make a tailor-made plan with personal guidance!

  • Sander Jansen

    Webinar Host

  • For whom:
    Anyone responsible for creating or executing the company's digitization agenda:

    • SMEs: MT members / Owners
    • Corporate: Business Development, R&D, Management
    • Government: Managers, Support departments, IT, CJP, Organization, OPF, Data analysis
    • Healthcare institutions: Managers in facility departments, IT & communication
    • Financial sector: Managers Data / Automation and Business Development.
  • The main question that is central:

    What does my organization have to do concretely to take the next step in the digital transformation very effectively?

  • What the training brings you:

    After following our training, you have made a plan yourself that you can submit to the decision-makers or shareholders of your organization. It contains:

    • A precise analysis of where your organization currently stands in the digital transformation.
    • A substantiated proposal with what the most effective next change in your organization will be.
    • A critical list of points for attention related to that particular change in your organization
  • Why you choose us::

    • You use the latest models and methods; developed in Universities and tested frequently in practice.
    • You can follow the online lecture about the theory, the use of the models and the preparation of your plan at the time and at the place of your choice.
    • You will be assigned an experienced personal coach, who will guide you through the research, analysis of the outcomes and compiling a valuable plan for the digital transformation of your organization.
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