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Cloud Video Confusion
​​​​​​​by Vector Security Networks

  • Presented by Jim Rao, Director of Video Technology, Vector Security Networks

    What does "cloud video recording" really mean?

    What does “cloud video recording” really mean? Which cloud video recording product is right for me? Get answers to these questions and more about cloud video!  ​​​​
    This presentation educates on the variety of types of Cloud Video Storage common to today’s market, and is applicable to all market segments. 

    Simply stated...Most of the professionals we encounter, when they hear the term “Cloud” attached to any Video Recording Product, they automatically assume their video is recorded to the Cloud. That’s where the confusion starts…
    The presentation outlines the various types of cloud recording products, helping the end-user through this to guide them to the right product.

    Here’s a quick outline of the presentation:
    1. Understanding the misconception of “Video Cloud Recording” and how it differs from data recording
    2. Two main items needed for Video Cloud recording…Compression & Bandwidth
    3. Review of the five current Cloud Storage models
    4. Discuss why most VMS (Video Management System) companies are offering Video Cloud Storage
    5. Questions

  • Jim Rao

    Vector Security Networks

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