Sprained ankle? Is it a ligamentous, tendinous or articular problem?
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Learn how to make a differential diagnosis in just 5' between ligamentous, tendinous or articular lesions, so that you can specify and optimize your treatment strategy

Inspiring "live" online training (not pre-recorded!) for doctors, physios, chiropractors and osteopaths
 "live" on your smartphone, PC or tablet
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Your patient had a valgus- or varus trauma in the ankle?​​​​​

How can you examine in a relevant way, without prior medical imaging?
Treatment strategy?

  • Why should you register for this unique webinar?

    Discover how to perform a relevant functional examination

    Make a differential diagnosis between different ligaments and tendons

    Discover how you can suspect other pathology

    Discover some specific treatment strategies for tendinous and ligamentous lesions

    How to interpret "positive" tests and it's influance on your treatment strategy.

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