Fatigue and Fitness in IBD

​​​​​​​About The Training:

If you want to make sure you're doing all that you can to improve your energy and exercise in ways that will help reduce symptoms - then you won't want to miss this training where you'll learn:

  • Exhausted to Energized. I'll be sharing the most common causes of fatigue in people with IBD and ways to combat it.

  • Safe Exercise. I'll share the most common barriers to exercise in people with IBD and ways to combat them. You'll also learn what the research says about exercise and IBD and the safest ways to exercise. 

  • Practical tips you can implement immediately. I'll be sharing as many practical tips as I can so that you have takeaways you'll be able to implement right away.

    **Plus, a Q&A session at the end!!

  • Brittany Roman-Green, MS, RD, CPT, BCS

    Corhn's & Colitis Nutrition Expert

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