Strategy Governance in times of crisis: Cutting through the chaos to drive impact

About the Webinar

Current challenges may not change the sort of organisation you aspire to be. You do, however, need to re-prioritise. You need to work out how to get through the mountain of work necessary to be well prepared for the future. You need to ensure that your strategy governance enables fast, effective, highly-prioritised, readily accountable decision-making.

Strategy governance is not just about the relationship between the Executive and the Board on matters of strategy. It is a lot broader than that.

It is how strategic change is empowered and controlled across the entire organisation, wherever the change demanded by strategy needs to take place. When times are tough, strategy governance takes on particular significance.

In this webinar, Mike Baxter will provide frameworks, models and tools for making sense of strategy governance at times of crisis, enabling you to cut through the chaos to drive impact.

* Note – this webinar was originally entitled “Strategy Governance: Managing empowerment and control for strategic success”. Given the current coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the decision to shift the focus of this webinar to offer advice on strategy governance and management in times of crisis.

By the end of the webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Have deeper conversations with colleagues about what strategy governance means at times of crisis;
  2. Challenge, question and eventually justify your chosen approach to strategy governance;
  3. Enhance aspects of your governance to drive impact. 

About Mike
Mike has the unique combination of being both a strategy expert and a data specialist. He has completed over 10,000 hours of strategy consultancy with global brands including Google, HSBC, Cisco, Sony Playstation and Roche, and is a long-term advisor to two successful tech-start-ups in London.

​​​​​​​He is also a former senior manager in Higher Education (Dean of Ravensbourne University) and published a benchmarking analysis of 52 UK university strategies in April 2019.  Mike is an accomplished speaker, workshop facilitator and teacher, and has delivered dozens of presentations at board and senior management level.

About Goal Atlas
​​​​​​​Goal Atlas helps organisations transform faster and more effectively by identifying what matters, engaging stakeholders and embedding strategy into everyday actions. You will find us a trustworthy and experienced partner, offering a range of services to ensure your strategy is evidence-based, systematically aligned and a driver of real change. We believe we are unique in the breadth and depth of our work in driving innovation and performance across the strategy lifecycle from preparation and production to implementation, measurement and governance.

  • Mike Baxter

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