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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​10 Hacks to Get Better Cold Email
​​​​​​​& Voicemail Results

Make Simple Changes. Get More Responses.

Prospects can ignore you with a swipe of their finger. Swoosh, you’re gone. *6 on the phone keypad, you’re deleted. How do you set appointments if you can’t get them to engage? Add these 10 hacks to your email and voicemail to get noticed and engage faster.
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  • Kendra Lee

    Prospect Attraction Authority, author, and President, KLA Group

  • 3 attention-grabbing hacks

    With a few tweaks, you can get prospects to notice you and increase response rates

  • 4 sassy hacks

    Are your emails and voicemails boring? These additions will fix that

  • 3 relationship-intensifying hacks

    Don't be deterred when people aren't ready to engage. Stay top of mind using these activities.

  • Top 10 Prospecting Voicemail Don'ts

    Hot off the press, our newest guide to help you reach top prospects

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