Environmental and Socially Responsible
Investing and Getting the Most Bang
for Your Charitable Buck

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More investors are choosing to invest with companies whose values more closely conform with their personal values, particularly after the way some companies have responded to COVID-19. Those values can include social responsibility, environmentally sustainable practices, being a good corporate citizen and many other concerns.
The first half of this webinar will be presented by Will Collins-Dean. Will is a Senior Portfolio Manager, Vice President, and Chair of the Investment Stewardship Committee at Dimensional Fund Advisors. He will discuss the current state of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing and look at the evolution of these strategies over time. He will also discuss Dimensional's specific approach to EGS, including how they design social and sustainable funds to meet client needs.

The second half of this webinar, which will be presented by Jim Lange, focuses on charitable giving. Jim will present techniques that can help you get the most "bang" out of your charitable buck.

One great technique that hasn't gotten much press is naming a charitable remainder trust (CRT) as the beneficiary of your IRA. For many IRA owners, naming a CRT may be the best solution to preserve your IRA for your family—even if you aren’t charitable. Given reasonable assumptions, this strategy might leave your children hundreds of thousands of dollars better off than if they received your IRA or retirement plan outright.  

Additionally, Jim will cover:
-  Qualified Charitable Deductions (QCDs) which have added value this year for taxpayers age 72 and older.
- Which assets your charitable bequests should come from if you want to give to charity while simultaneously maximizing the financial legacy you leave to your children. 

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