Live Webinar with Q&A

Getting the Balance: Preparing for Life After VTS for GP Parents:

About The Webinar

Our practical webinar is for GP parents about to CCT or in their First 5,  to help them prepare for practice whilst maintaining balance. The webinar is led by two prominent GP mums to help you navigate life after VTS with confidence. 
​​​​There will be a live Q&A to give you a chance to have your questions answered. The topics to be covered include:

  • How to find work after CCT: What you need to know about salaried, locum, partner and portfolio careers  at this current time. 

  • Negotiating contracts: How to assess salaried contracts, negotiate pay, maternity leave, negotiating session times around childcare commitments.

  • Preparing for practice in uncertain times. How to undertake remote working, essential tips to telephone and video consulting, key tips tips on getting started with confidence in general practice.

  • Working as a self employed GP . Setting up as a locum, negotiating pay, working locally with support.

  • Maternity leave, child care vouchers, Keep in Touch Days. Step by step advice on how to maximise tax efficiency, understanding what expenses to claim. Delivered by Jenny Hurst Specialist Medical Accountant.

  • Maintaining balance, reducing burnout, the art of juggling !

  • Get your questions answered. Live Q&A with supportive industry experts.

  • Dr Surina Chibber

    Portfolio GP, mum of two, Pulse Power 50 GP 2017, 2018 and 2019. Co-founder of My Locum

  • Dr Rachel Morris

    GP Coach, resilience specialist and mentor, mum of three.

  • Jenny Hurst

    Senior Accountant Partner and mum of three shares financial tips for GP parents

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