Supporting Your Kids to Eat Well and Develop Healthy Eating Behaviours

About The Webinar

Dads love to see their kids grow strong, overcome challenges and learn how to be successful. One of the main ways to support their success is by developing healthy eating behaviours.

The problem is many of us struggle to know what good nutrition looks like for kids. That’s why Dad Central has teamed up with the creators of the Healthy Together for Dads program for this month’s webinar.

In this expert led presentation offered in partnership with Dove Men+Care, dads will learn:

  • The basic building blocks of healthy meals

  • Simple, quick and healthy foods that kids love

  • Ways to have fun with your kids while supporting them to learn how to eat

  • Foods that build health, longevity and strength

  • Supporting dads (and all parents) to trust their kids to make the right choices

  • Dad Central

    Webinar Host

  • Michele Hopkins, M.S.W.

    Director of Family Services at The Bridge Youth & Family Services

  • Anne Huisken

    Project Coordinator for Healthy Together Dads

  • Nathanael Patriquin

    Healthy Together Program Facilitator

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