Another Free Monthly Performance Thinking® Webinar

It's NOT Always About the Money!
Looking Farther for Positive Consequences

When analzing, planning for, or simply discussing how best to "motivate" employees, some people focus on planned forms of reward and recognition.  Such consequences and incentives are often financial, invitation to special events (e.g., the trip to Hawaii), company-wide recognition, or awards of various kinds. One CEO we know, of a smaller fast-growth company, often complains about managers who come to her asking for more gift cards to deliver when individuals perform well.  That's not always the best option.  While these things can be motivating for individuals and teams, an important leadership  goal ought to be for people to make frequent  contact with the "natural" consquences of their good work. 

In this webinar, we use Performance Thinking® as a framework for understanding how we can create robust performance systems that are engaging, motivating, and very rewarding for individuals to do their best.  We'll cover  topics that include:

  • Ensuring working conditions support high levels of engagement.

    How we can use Best Practices for Leaders and Managers, evolved from the Six Boxes Model and the Gallup 12 Engagement Survey, to support  employee positivity.

  • Connecting people more directly to the value of their contributions.

    In many jobs, it is hard for employees to see the link between their day-to-day work and success for the whole organization. The Performance Chain model can help.

  • Enabling people to perform well and to experience the happy results.

    Fluent performance FEELS good. So does producing expected contributions or work outputs at a high level. We can help employees value their own work, be proud of what they contribute, and feel the positive impact of what they do.

  • Dr. Carl Binder, CEO

    The Performance Thinking Network

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