Free Performance Thinking Webinar – June 12

Sales Enablement: Supporting ADVANCES in YOUR Sales Process

About the Webinar

Having worked in the sales enablement arena for almost 40 years, it is stunning to us how seldom companies have made an investment in thoroughly defining the sales process their top people follow as they close business: not just  the phases, but the specific milestones and progress indicators that traditional sales training and management professions call "advances." That is, what are the valuable accomplishments on the way from initial contact to closed deal?  And, having identified those large and small milestones, to serve as goals for sales calls, have companies studied the behavior of their top people to identify the exemplary practices, which are often a matter of unconscious competence, that allow their top reps to excel? The answers to both of these questions are usually, "No."

This webinar explores the potential for this approach, based on a history of work we have done for clients over the years.

  • Behavior or Accomplishments?

    We've found that sales professionals far prefer being trained and coached with a focus on the accomplishments they must produce along the way, rather than on prescribed behavior.

  • Systemic Enablement?

    As in so many other types of talent development, ROI is best when we configure and align ALL the factors that support performance, not merely training, but an overall sales enablement SYSTEM.

  • Capturing Exemplary Behavior?

    Top performers usually do a number of small things differently than average performers. How can we  discover and leverage such exemplary behavior?

  • Dr. Carl Binder, CEO

    The Performance Thinking Network

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