Treating Chronic Joint Pain With Prolozone, PRP and Stem Cells

About the Webinar

Chronic pain plagues over 100 MILLION Americans. Half of these people feel they have no control over their chronic pain.

Many clinics like yours are providing hope to patients living a life of pain by utilizing ozone injections. Join your fellow providers in this exclusive webinar as Dr. Sara Alfaro covers:

*Benefits of ozone in orthopedics
*How to combine Ozone, PRP and Stem Cells for comprehensive treatments
*Increase your clinical results using integrative approaches to pain, scoliosis, injuries, and more.

Dr. Sara Alfaro is a trained Physiatrist and Rehabilitation specialist treating musculoskeletal pain with an integrative approach. She focuses on improving not only function and activities of daily life but wellness programs including Bioregulatory Systems Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine. Dr. Alfaro is a trainer in the world of pain management using these modalities to help other physicians maximize their outcomes. 

  • Kim Look

    Webinar Host

  • Dr. Sara Alfaro

    Webinar Host

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