Urban mobility in the new normal: the challenges and opportunities in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 has radically reshaped life on earth, primarily in cities. Beyond the devastating effects of the virus or the draconian measures taken to control it, there has also been a silver lining. Because of the lockdown, streets have become tamer - almost overnight - and the air a lot cleaner. Residents in Mumbai could see stars from within their city for the first time ever, while Kathmandu residents could catch glimpses of Mount Everest. Many lives will also be saved, as a result of cleaner air and fewer traffic crashes.

A number of cities are saying: “Let’s not go back to business as usual!” Progressive leaders are using the opportunity to consider options of ‘building back better’ and making cities more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, reversing the dominance of car culture.

It is time for an international effort to advocate for a systemic shift of urban mobility in our cities. This may very well be a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform our urban spheres so quickly to take back the streets from the automobile.​

The webinar is jointly organized by IHS Alumni International and UN-Habitat.

  • IHS Alumni International


  • Justin Hyatt

    Justin Hyatt has been a part of the IHS Alumni International Board 2017-2020, as Network and Community Builder. He received his MSc in Urban Management and Development from IHS, specializing in Urban Strategies and Planning. He currently works as an advisor and coordinator for the Carfree Cities Alliance (CCA) as well as being a freelance consultant on mobility.

  • Stefanie Holzwarth

    Stefanie Holzwarth is working in the Urban Mobility Team at the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat). She is trained in urban planning and has been working on sustainable urban mobility projects for more than 5 years, providing technical advice, knowledge and advocacy to governments around the world.

  • Alan Vera

    Alan is a transport international consultant based in Latin America. Presently he is hired by CAF, Development Bank of Latin America to improve the planning of Bus Rapid Transit system of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He used to be the General Director of La Paz Bus and Board member of the National Railway Company.

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