Physician Engagement Through Effective Well-designed Collaboration

  • Why is Effective Physician Engagement Elusive?

    Why is it so elusive in so many CDI Programs...
  • What are the Main Barriers to Engagement?

    What makes people willing participants or not?

  • What are the Vital Components Necessary? 

    How can CDI earn the trust and respect of Physicians?

  • How can CDI Inspire Physicians to Improve?

    Where to start and what to consider to create VISION

  • Does the CDI industry need to change mindset?

    What' is really different about what we suggest, versus what is being taught currently by so many leaders?

  • Glenn Krauss, BBA, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CPUR, CCDS, C-CDI, C-DAM

    CDI Evangelist, Founder,, Co-Founder, TopGun Audit School

  • Ernie de los Santos, MBA SSA

    Webinar Host & Moderator, President & Co-Founder, TopGun Audit School

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