Planning for Families with Young Children

About The Webinar

Families with young children face unique challenges when it comes to planning for an untimely and unexpected death.

Think about this, if you and your spouse died today, what would happen to your children? Specifically.

Would the police know who to call, or would they take your children into protective custody?

Would your family know your wishes?

​​​​​​​Could a court sufficiently understand your family values to ensure that your children are raised by like-minded family members?
If you do not have an immediate answer for these questions, this webinar is for you!

  • Learn 9 steps to ensure your children never end up in the custody of the State. 

  • Learn how to best protect yuor child's inheritance from predators and other "helpful" friends and family members. 

  • Learn how Regnum Legacy sets the standard for protecting your family and your children in the event of an unexpected and untimely death.

  • James Long

    Webinar Host

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