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About The Webinars

Follow Janosh online the coming time and let yourself be lifted up in his online sessions, in which he shares a new activation every time. The activations contribute to increasing your energy level, expanding your consciousness and letting go of old emotions and habits.

April 10 (Friday) | Christ Consciousness 
Encourages us to perform small and big miracles.

​​​​​​​April 20 (Monday) | Inner Freedom
​​​​​​​Stops the habit to adapt to others, so that we can claim our freedom.

May 1 (Friday) | Rescue
Helps to remain close to yourself and not allow distractions until you are able to re-adjust yourself again.

  • Easy for everyone. The visuals and sounds are designed in a way that they penetrate deeply into your subconscious, without you having to learn anything new. 

  • Best experience. Watch on a desktop computer and use Google Chrome as your internet browser. For optimal sound use a headphone (not speakers).

  • Interact. Ask Janosh questions through the chat and interact with other participants. Feel free to share your experience.

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