Trading Options Using the Nasdaq Options Superstars

About The Webinar

Join us as we pull back the curtains and show you exactly how you can trade most account sizes using options AND how you can use our system, all "done for you" to start trading right away.

  • Learn how to trade in all market conditions, including bullish, bearish, and even sideways markets.  You must trade an options system that can perform no matter what the market throws at us

  • Profit Five Different Ways, with our approach to options trading, we can have a successful, winning trade with up to 5 different outcomes.  This increases your odds of success on every trade you take.  All trading systems have losses, but our objective is to increase our odds on every trade.  See Risk Disclosure Here

  • "Done for You," which means we'll show you how we'll be doing all the work and research and deliver to you only our favorite picks each week -- takes just minutes to trade

  • Mark Soberman

    Webinar Host

  • Mike Rykse

    Webinar Host

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