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Express Food Group: Digitalizing Operations & Navigating COVID

  • How to optimize the EFG's Biggest Challenges

    Martin Darby, the Managing Director of Express Food Group, stated that to date, COVID-19 is one of the most difficult challenges that Express Food Group (EFG) had to overcome.

  • F&B Leader Strategy across SEA

    As the Southeast Asia's leading restaurant and food delivery operator, EFG will share how they successfully navigated their business amidst the pandemic across their 100 outlets spanning 3 countries.ra maecenas.

  • How EFG Transformed their Operations

    The use cases that EFG implemented include Opening and closing checklists, Service Quality Audit and Cleanliness, and Facility Management and Maintenance.

  • Jessica Schwarze

    Webinar Host

  • Daniel Hazman

    Webinar Host

  • Martin Darby

    Webinar Host

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