How to Grow Your Practice With Seminars

  • Block Out One Full Hour On Your Calendar

    Put it in your calendar for 1 full hour. I spent a literal lifetime putting this together for you, the information here you will not find anywhere else. So you want to do whatever it takes to show up. ​​​​​​​

  • Show Up Early

    We have limited seats and if you show up late you might not be able to get in. So show up at least 5 minutes early, beacuse early is on time. 

  • Make Sure You're On a Desktop Or Laptop

    Mobile devices are not recommended because the screen is too small. This compromises the experience, there are too many distractions, mobile networks are too unreliable etc. Mobile phones simply don't work well. Make sure you can click on the link only on a desktop or laptop. Go ahead and close out of all your other tabs, put your phone on silent and in a drawer. Dedicate your full undivided attention for one hour and your life will never be the same. ​​​​​​​

  • Tom Hegna

    Webinar Host

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