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Our seminars provide unbiased information and enrollment guidance to help you make the best decisions for your own unique needs. Your decisions and actions over the upcoming months will impact your health care coverage and finances for the rest of your life. Protect yourself against the common, potentially critical mistakes of underestimating the complexities of Medicare. Preparedness will ensure you avoid delayed coverage, late enrollment penalties and missed “guaranteed issue” opportunities. Our Medicare education seminar is a free service you simply cannot afford to miss.

You are invited to attend a FREE Medicare educational seminar!

  • Medicare Enrollment, Timelines and Deadlines

    Enrolling in Medicare isn't always a smooth process.  When you first become eligible for Medicare there are several periods of time, when you can or cannot sign up for each of Medicare's parts.  It can cost you a lifetime of penalities and fees if you get it wrong. Let us help you get it right!

  • The Parts of Medicare and how they work

    There are four parts of Medicare insurance: Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. Each one helps pay for different health care costs. Learn what each part covers and how to make sure you have coverage when you need it!

  • Additional Coverage Options and Considerations

    Did you know? You can choose to receive all of your Medicare benefits through a private insurer like those who offer Medicare Advantage, or you can choose to receive your Part A and B coverage through Original Medicare often paired with a Medicare Supplement.

  • Help You Make the BEST decision 

    Find the answers you need. Get official Medicare information. Compare plans, prices and ratings with a licensed independent Medicare advisor.  Our service to you is free, unbiased and carries no obligation to enroll.

Medicare Expert Presenter

  • Cullen Teska

    Webinar Host & Licensed Advisor

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