Implementing Mobility Hubs in a Rural Area

About The Webinar

Join us for this presentation and discussion on the opportunities and challenges faced with creating mobility hubs in rural areas. A panel Q&A session will follow the individual talks.

  • CoMo’s work on Mobility Hubs and the rural context - Richard Dilks, CoMo

  • Challenges of Rural Transport in Scotland – Jenny Milne, JLM

  • A Strategic study for Mobility Hubs in the South East of Scotland – Julie Vinders, SEStran

  • ​​​​​​​Mobility Hubs: How to Plan for Success - Martin Courtz, Province of Drenthe

  • Implementing ​​​​​​​Mobility Hubs in a rural area - Friso Metz, Advier

  • Marian Marsh (Host)

    Marian's main work at CoMoUK is building networks and raising awareness across planners, developers, and academics of the benefits of shared transport in Scotland’s towns, cities, rural areas and new developments.

  • Richard Dilks

    Richard Dilks is passionate for what transport does for people and this passion has brought him to CoMoUK as Chief Executive.

  • Jenny Milne

    Jenny Milne has worked in the Transport Sector for over two decades, most noteably in Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and has always been enthusiastic about anything rural.

  • Julie Vinders

    Julie works as project officer at SEStran, the Regional Transport Partnership for the South East of Scotland, representing the councils of the City of Edinburgh, Clackmannanshire, East Lothian, Falkirk, Fife, Midlothian, the Scottish Borders, and West Lothian.

  • Martin Courtz

    "In my work for the hubs in Groningen and Drenthe I try to involve the people we do it for. These are the users of the hubs, public transport and facilities. By making smart connections, often more is possible than people think."

  • Friso Metz

    Friso is a highly experienced advisor with a large Dutch and international network in the field of mobility management, shared mobility and behaviour change.

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