Anxiety: The Whole Story

About the Webinar

  • Genetic influence on behavior is not like an on-off switch - it is more like a chaotic weather system with lots of little pushes​​​​​​

    There are breed differences in behavior, but how much is genetic?​​​​​​

    In breeding for the "ideal" personality, we have to make tradeoff

    Intelligence may correlate with anxiety.​​​​​​

    We can breed for tameness and resilience - but currently that's not our priorit

    Puppies get information from their parents about the environment they should expect to live in (not just from genetics

    Mild stress in early life can be positive for developing a resilient adult - but not too much

    Anxiety can affect lifespan

    ​​​​​​​Anxiety can be affected by chronic pain

  • International Canine Behaviourists

    Webinar Host

  • Jessica Hekman

    Webinar Presenter

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