Demystifying Device as a Service; DaaS explained

So you want to know more about DaaS ?

Join our On-demand webinar & get a free bottle of wine! Join Co-Founder Philip Morgan, Business Development Director Sophie Hayes, and Account Manager Ryan Kelly as they guide you through Device as a Service (DaaS) by Devices for Teams.

Every business wants to provide its teams with the latest devices and technology for their workday while achieving their support and security needs. The traditional policy of purchasing computers leaves companies restricted, as this new equipment is not only costly but also becomes outdated regularly with new versions coming out yearly. 

HardSoft's Devices for Teams DaaS solution allows you to pay a single monthly subscription fee, and this allows your business to:

 • Add, Switch, and Return devices when needed with no extra cost.
 • Get an affordable, flexible, and OpEx-friendly monthly payment solution.
 • Get included 360 support with every device, including device management. 
 • Zero touch deployment & Device configuration to your staff's WFH doorstep.

  • Ryan Kelly

    Account Manager

  • Sophie Hayes

    Business Development Director

  • Phil Morgan


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