What to expect from the Masterclass

This masterclass, led by award-winning artist and mentor Joanna Henly, will show you how to uplevel your creative practice with clear, actionable steps across all areas of your creative business. From your money to your clients and everything in between, let's define your goals, broaden your audience, and fuel your drive for a lucrative 2024.

​​​​​​​Get energized with expert insights and motivational wisdom. If you feel unsure of the next steps forward in your mid-career art journey, this is the right fit for you.

  • Understand Your Vision: You have full permission to dream BIGGER for better creativity and businness opportunities.  Learn how you can bridge the gap between aspiration and create a roadmap into actionable reality. 

  • Empowering Business Strategies: Focus on money management, community building, and sustainable practices. Learn to balance your creative passion with practical business insights for long-term success.

  • Presenting your full VALUE : Even if you're not feeling it right now., you have the power to step into your full potential! Boosting your confidence in presenting your work - the freedom and joy that comes from understanding your true creative voice. 

  • Joanna Henly

    Artist and Mentor empowering and supporting artists to THRIVE

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