The Biggest Restaurant Profit Needle Movers

Focused on the critical systems of inventory, menu costing, F&B costing plus labor cost management this will be a can’t miss session for operators...

You Don't Want to Miss This...

This 90-minute webinar session will include...

  • The importance of regular menu costing

  • The "Profit Difference” in each menu category and how losses compound each day​​​​​​​

  • How to stop the bleeding immediately and design a menu that maximizes profit

  • A simple Inventory System 

  • The Food & Beverage Cost Formula 

  • Labor Cost, Abuses and How to Stop It

  • The Importance of knowing Daily Break-Even & more...

  • Jaime Oikle

    Webinar Host

  • Roger Beaudoin

    Webinar Host

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