The Obtainable Stress-Free Living Zone

Genuinely Have Peace Of Mind and Enjoyment of Life… 
While Free of Regret, Worries and Fears

  • Dawn Grant

    I am a Mental Trainer & Hypnotist. Since 1994, I have been professionally helping people to overcome life’s challenges, enabling them to achieve their goals, and obtain personal fulfillment.

    My work has drawn clients globally, including mainstream & elite athletes. Many that are World Champions, Hall of Famers, Team USA & Olympians in Golf, Clay Shooting & Surfing; 25+ PGA TOUR Pros (averaging 219% increase in earnings), and 1000's of Competing Clay Shooters.

    In 2008, I helped PGA TOUR Pro Vijay Singh with a mental shift that contributed to his 2 FedEx Cup Playoff wins and his earning of the 2008 FedEx Cup Championship.

    Starting in 2010, I have been regularly working with Clay Shooting Greats on the PSCA, TEAM USA, NSCA Team, and now own Amelia Shotgun Sports in Yulee Florida.

    I can help you too.


  • ... if you could feel happier and better

  • … if you could feel a calmness in your mind and body

  • … if you could sleep peacefully at night

  • ​​​​​​​… if you could consistently feel you are offering your best self

  • … if you could enjoy your life

  • … if you could feel you are being the best person you can be

  • ... if you could end worries, doubts, fears, insecurities, and regrets

  • ... if you could be STRESS FREE!

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