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How To Start And Dominate
The Fastest Growing Procedure In Dentistry: Even If You've Never Done A Case!

Discover The Secrets To Dominating Clear Aligners! 
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  • Dr. Avi Patel

    Aligner Masterclass Host

  • 🔋 The Power Of Your First 3 Cases
    Unleash the potential of your practice with the transformative power of your first 3 aligner cases - setting the stage for success!

  • 📖 Case Selection Success
    You will know exactly which cases to select and how to select them

  • 😳  How To Overcome The Biggest Mistake
    ​​​​​​​Overcome the biggest mistake that most dentists make when starting with aligners, ensuring a smooth and confident journey.

  • 📈 Why Perfection Is Overrated
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Discover why the pursuit of perfection may be holding you back and learn to embrace a more practical and effective approach.

  • 🏆 The 3 Essential Elements For Success
    Unlock the 3 essential elements that are crucial for achieving remarkable results with aligner treatments!

  • 📝 8 Real Case Reviews That Will Inspire You
    Gain valuable insights and inspiration from 8 real case reviews, showcasing the incredible possibilities of aligner dentistry!

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    If you show up live to the event - you will receive a free bonus that will help you implement this new procedure in your practice!

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