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Google Business Listing - Key Topics

A discussion of best practices and fundamentals of setting up your Google Business Listing with Shawn Burns & Holly Lewis. 
As internet search and ecommerce continues to grow, it's critical to have yoru business listed correctly on Google. 
Shawn will frame the conversation with "Why does my business need to do this and what are a few action steps"?

  • Shawn Burns

    Mustard Seed Hill - President

  • Holly Lewis

    RevLocal Senior Digital Marketing Consulting

  • Set up your listing profile 
    How to get started and view your business listing.  The Key areas -  address, phone number and business hours. Categories, photos and more. 

  • Optimize for search

    How does a Business Page help with search?
    How do I boost your business ranking? 
    What is 'local' search?

  • Post updates on Google

    Why should you spend time posting in your Google Business page when Facebook and other options exist? 
    What should be posted?

  • Reviews and customer engagement

    Setting up notifications when a customer reviews and tips on customer engagment. 

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