​​​​​​​Turnkey EASA Advanced UPRT Solutions

About This Event
Pilots seeking the EASA Advanced UPRT (FCL.745.A) completion certificate need an economical, effective, and efficient solution. This webinar addresses those exact targets. Not all Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) courses are created equal - far from it. Upset Training Solutions International (UTSI) brings three decades of industry leading UPRT expertise to bear on solving every European pilot's EASA FCL.745.A need at the right price, optimum quality, and in minimum time to meet EASA regulatory requirements. Here's what to expect at this 1-hour event:

  • Understand What Matters in FCL.745.A
    Three fundamental necessities must exist in your solution to get the most value from your training investment

  • Get Started on Free UPRT Ground School
    While you wait to start your EASA Advanced UPRT course, get grounded in essential principles and concepts to maximize learning 

  • Meet UTSI Team Members Live

    With such an important investment, meeting your provider first hand gives you confidence in knowing they care and assure quality services

  • More Incentives in the Webinar

    Not only is FCL.745.A required, it saves lives. Watch this webinar and get additional incentives to take action on your training decision

  • Paul BJ Ransbury, APS CEO

    Event Host

  • Randall Brooks, VP Training


  • Francois Jurres, UTSI GM


  • Henk Hoogervorst, UTSI Instructor


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