A Performance Thinking® Webinar

​​​​​​​                       I'm A Box 2 Guy!  
The Power of Tools & Resources

Box 2 in the Six Boxes® Model is labeled Tools & Resources. This webinar explores how powerful and cost-effective the improvement or addition of the right, frictionless tools and resources can be when arranged to enable and support performance.   Beside mentioning the presenter's obsession with tools of all kinds, the webinar will include discussion of:

  • What's Included in Box 2

    While the origins of this category trace back to the keys or switches in the basic behavior research lab that experimental subjects used to respond, it has expanded to include all the physical, informational, and human resources and tools that can either obstruct or enable optimal performance.

  • Examples of Box 2 Elements in Overall Performance Systems

    Software and user interfaces, specialized mechanical tools, reference materials and systems, people to whom performers can turn for support, heating and ventillation, lighting, job design,  process improvement, and more, all fit into Box 2.

  • How Sub-optimal Tools & Resources Produce Unintended Consquences

    Sometimes awkward processes, hard-to-use tools, inaccressible reference resources, or human resources that present more problems than support can lead to unintended consequences that analysis and design should identify and repair.

  • Links Between Box 2 and Other Cells in the Six Boxes® Model

    The elements, or behavior influences, in any performance system should work together, aligned and positive in their impact.  When we recognize the links  between Box 2 and the other 5 cells in the model, we can often come up interventions that increase impact and optimize ROI.

  • Dr. Carl Binder, CEO

    The Performance Thinking Network

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